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Learning German

Most of the PhD fellowships of the Zurich Graduate School in Mathematics are teaching fellowships. Typically graduate students teach exercise classes for undergraduates in German. We expect that PhD students from abroad acqire within the first year of their studies adequate proficiency in German for teaching math classes.


As a courtesy ZGSM offers German language program for their members specially designed to aquire the needed skills in German within their first two years of study. The courses cover the international standards A1, A2 and B1. As a special feature the course at level B1 includes practice classes for teaching mathematics in German. By the end of the first respectively second year students have the possibility of taking the exam of the certificate for the level A2 respectively B1 of the Goethe Institut.


To a large extent, the courses are financially supported by the ZGSM. However we ask each participant for a financial contribution.


Our course program is a two-year program. The first year program is intensive but leaves ample time for reasearch, graduate course work and research seminars. Our aim is to enable all members of the ZGSM in relatively short time to communicate in German in daily life, thus making life in Zurich much more enjoyable.


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