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About us

In a joint effort of the research groups at the Department of Mathematics at ETH (D-MATH) and the Institute of Mathematics at University Zurich (I-MATH) we offer an intensive, broad and internationally recognized graduate education in mathematics.


The program consists of a wide range of graduate courses and research seminars and is complemented by the program of the Forschungsinstitut für Mathematik. Moreover, special programs are launched that include block-courses and sequences of lectures focussing on recent developments. It offers a broad spectrum of scholarly activity and a challenging and stimulating atmosphere so as to provide young researchers with an excellent base for a career in mathematical research.


In collaboration with the Institute of Mathematics at Humboldt University Berlin the Zurich Graduate School in Mathematics is participating in an International Graduate College, thus providing the students with an international framework for exchanging ideas and experiences in research and instruction.


Our Graduate School consists of faculty, graduate students, a number of postdocs and some affiliated members. It is within the obligations of all these members of the Graduate School to contribute to its scientific life and to regularly participate in the various seminars, colloquia and courses offered within the program of the school.

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