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Course List for Doctoral Students

As PhD student you should fill in the "Course List for Doctoral Students".

This course list provides proof of the courses you have successfully completed during your doctoral studies and of the credit units you have earned. Every course that you have attended has to be signed by the instructor of the course. The complete course list has to be signed by your advisor.


Additional requirements for students enrolled at ETH:

After the signature of the advisor the course list finally has to be signed by the chair of the doctoral committee. For this signature you should hand in the course list at the secretariat of D-Math at ETH main building, room HG G 33.4 (phone +41 44 632 3737). You should hand in the course list together with the form "Registration for doctoral examination" which you find here. Please don't contact the chair of the doctoral committee directly.


Please remember to fill in the course list timely to be sure that the course instructor is available for the signature.

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