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Graduate Colloquium - Joint Math Seminar of ETH and UZH

Welcome to the new Graduate Colloquium, the "What is..." series of talks (borrowing the idea from the articles in the Notices of the AMS). It is a joint seminar of ETH and UZH, which takes place alternating with the Zurich colloquium in Mathematics. Choose your favorite topic to talk about: one of the first basic interesting things that you had to learn to begin approaching your thesis problem, or something that you found fascinating and want to share with other people. If, on the contrary, you want to hear about a particular topic, don't hesitate to contact one of the organizers.


The Graduate Colloquium is an informal seminar aimed at graduate students and postdocs whose purpose is to provide a forum for communicating one's interests and thoughts in mathematics. The talks including questions are usually one hour, so that there is plenty of room for private discussions afterwards.


Let us make this colloquium a regular meeting point for the student and postdoc members of the Zurich Graduate School! Most of all, volunteer to give a talk!

List of talks FS 17

28.02.17What is... tiling cohomology?
Änderung Zeit:18.30-19.30
Lluís Usó i Cubertorer
ETHZ (Zurich)
07.03.17What is... an invariant Gibbs measure?Vedran Sohinger
Universität Zürich (Zürich)
21.03.17What is... a topological phase transition?Luca Fresta
Universität Zürich (Zürich)
28.03.17What is... the prisoner's dilemma?Mihaly Barasz
Nilcons (Zurich)
04.04.17What is... the Hilbert scheme of points?Junliang Shen
ETHZ (Zurich)
02.05.17What is... a Drinfeld module?Alexandre Puttick
ETHZ (Zürich)
09.05.17What is... a building?Ana Silva
Universiteit Gent (Gent)
23.05.17What is... Möbius geometry?Merlin Incerti-Medici
Universität Zürich (Zürich)
30.05.17What are... positional games?Pascal Pfister
ETHZ (Zurich)

List of talks in previous semesters

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Credit Points: It is possible to obtain credit points for giving a talk. If you are interested contact one of the organizers.

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